feedcopy App in the App Store

For users on the Apple iPhone platform or the Apple iPad platform, good news is indeed here.

What if FEEDCOPY  had a iPhone app? An ingenious little application that could install  in seconds and could  help you with any of your content needs in the coming 2012.

Need a snappy line for an email opening? Need assistance writing a sales letter to generate leads for one of your new(or existing) products?  The feedcopy app could generate lines of reusable and effect words that you can plug in wherever you need it?

Need to keep customers on your site longer and entice them to purchase? The feedcopy app would create articles and success stories to keep eyeballs on your website.

Many people wonder about  how the feedcopy app would anticipate just what phrases and words to use to generate high-quality, customized output.

It’s would be a patented technology protected by an iron-clad  industry trade secret wall – and wouldn’t tell anyway. Now if you needed punchy email copy written, your home page redesigned, or  autoreponders crafted  feedcopy could finally help all of the Apple devotes in the world.

2012 will be the year of the whitepaper, too. If you don’t have a whitepaper highlighting your product or business, feedcopy could handle that task for you quickly and in a custom tailored fashion.

How could one little app do so much?

If you don’t have a smart phone, you can still enjoy the same benefits of feedcopy because feedcopy is available to everyone at www.feedcopy.com.

Happy New Year!

(by the way – my  feedcopy app is still under development ;-)

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